Blaz Lights SA specializes in restoring faded, dull, scratched and sandblasted Polycarbonate (Plastic) Headlights professionally on cars, trucks, and busses. Blaz Lights SA was founded in 2010, Pretoria, Gauteng, seeing the opportunity in the automotive market to rather restore dull, yellow and oxidated headlights and “Going Green” by restoring headlights.


Headlights become faded and dull which is caused by oxidation etc. Sun, carwash chemicals and acids in rain. Blaz Lights SA’s proven formula restores dull, faded, sandblasted and scratched head lights to a new condition again. Keeping them like that for years to come. It is much cheaper to restore your headlights than to replace them and we are saving our clients thousands of rands.


Headlights on a car are the most neglected part, yet it affects you, your family and other motorists safety, especially at night.

We at Blaz Lights SA guarantee your restored headlights on fading and/or dullness for a period of 24 months. Should fading/dullness return within 24 months, then we will repeat the restoration at no cost to you.  NB: Sandblasting and stone chips removed during restoration are not guaranteed

To prevent  poor visibility at night when pedestrians and animals cross the road.

Our vision field is much smaller at night and an improperly lit car or one with dim headlights can be very hard if not impossible to see.

Night time greatly increases the impact of minor inconveniences like dim or cloudy headlights.

Dimly lit or bad headlights limit our awareness, vision and even our ability to react or even see what is in front of us.

Deteriorated or dirty headlight lenses are not just an aesthetic issue, they are a safety hazzard.



Some jealous folks are using the Blaz Lights name to restore headlights that are NOT part of our Team.

If the Headlight Restoration Technician’s name does NOT appear on our contact us section then these folks are not part of our team.

Blaz Lights SA will not be held responsible for any damages caused by anyone that falsely uses our name to run their business.

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